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From complete websites to innovative and fun videogames!. Please contact us if you want to receive more information!!


Videogames for PC/Web/Mobile. Advergames. EduGames. Gamification. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

Diseño Web & Ilustración

Identidad Corporativa, Diseño de marca, Diseño Web. Diseno de UX Aplicaciones Web. Diseño Infografico. Ilustración & Concept Art.

Aplicaciones Mobiles

Aplicaciones Mobiles Nativas: iOS/Android. Desarrollo de Aplicaciones Cross-Plattform: Native React. Applicaciones AR & VR.

Web Development

PHP frameworks/CMS. Frontend. E-Commerce. E-Learning. Relational and Non Relational Databases.


Misplaced in Malditos Nerds (Vorterix)
Thanks to Florencia Orsetti to take the time needed to test the demo we shown in EVA 2017 and talk about it on #FICHINEAR, a segment of Malditos Nerds for Vorterix! Zenka in Forbes
Forbes talk about the work we were doing with ZENKA!!

Misplaced in #FichineAR

Even a monday gets better when you are mentioned in such a nice post like this one. Thanks Florencia Orsetti! We'll keep working like our NPC slaves for the next EVA!

Misplaced in #FichineAR


Companies who trust in us

AR, Gamification, Web Design and Development, Implementation of security servers are just a few of the projects we develop with our clients.