Misplaced is a Single Player Action RPG with Puzzle Resolution for PC that has all the ingredients of this genre, an immersive story, cinematics and the constant evolution of the main character throughout the game.

Story is divided in three chapters. Chapter 1: Samael, Chapter 2: Azrael, and Epilogue: Metatron.

Chapter 1 - Samael

The Great Annihilation, the last war, is always ahead, all the creatures in the Low Kingdom and High Realm wait and prepare for it. But something unexpected sudenly happens. Samael is a low caste blacksmith in a small coast village in the infernal Low Kingdom, which is attacked by assault soldiers from the High Realm. They kiddnap him and many other workers. Samael must fight his way back to his homeland, through the beautiful and dangerous High Realm worlds, and the land that unite them with the Low Kingdom: The Vortex, the place where the Great Annihilation it will happen.

Chapter 2 - Azrael

The story unravels through the infernal Low Kingdom. The pain fabrics, the industry of cohersion and enslavement, the sadistic experiments to achieve the souless slaves, the tumorous black magic, massive legions, wild creatures of the darkness, and the brutal warlords are waiting. The real story about a world where the whole purpose is to serve and die.

Chapter 3 - Metatron

The end of the oddisey. The action occurs at the edge of the universe, in the periphery of everything known ¿What lies in the primigenial cosmic ovens that forged the Low Kingdom and High Realm? ¿What is the real reason of the unbalance, and the origin of the Great Annihilation?

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